1. AS BUNDLE 004, 005, 006 //Coloured
    AS Bundle 004, 005, 006

  2. White Rose-Prime Frequency EP//Tests
    White Rose

  3. Jack Smooth-pH Scales IIII
    pH Scales IIII

  4. Kreggo-Immaginario EP/Marble Grey vinyl

  5. CH415-Journeys from the third floor 12" Green vinyl

  6. Pera Sta Ori-Sick Anan 12"//Marble Yellow
    Pera Sta Ori-Sick Anan 12" Yellow vinyl

  7. Various Bundle FE Cignol, CH415 Pera//Coloured editions
    Various bundle: Cingol, Pera, CH415//Coloured editions

  8. Cignol-Lost Signals 10" Blue vinyl

  9. Extrawelt-Eigensender LP/Limited edition red with insert

  10. Bundle FE///EP'S and Album
    Various Bundle

  11. Test Bundle x2 Cult 48/Shake003
    Test Bundle x2

  12. Test Press Bundle x4
    Test pressing bundle x4

  13. Hooverian Blur-Good Hurt EP//Clear Vinyl Edition
    Good Hurt EP

  14. Jack Smooth-pH Scales II//Limited edition red vinyl
    Jack Smooth

  15. Jack Smooth/Hooverian Bundle//Limited coloured editions
    Jack Smooth/Hooverian Blur Bundle

  16. BOT1500-Euphoric EP

  17. Cult 48-Catalog 1 Double Gatefold Album//Sky Blue Vinyl Edition
    Cult 48

  18. Charles Green-Mind Restore EP/Red sleeve tests 12"
    Charles Green

  19. Obergman-Spectral Radiosity EP//Tests

  20. CRC-Atlantis 93///Blue vinyl

  21. Bundle 2 //CRC, SK222
    Bundle Pack 2

  22. Bundle SK222, Extrawelt, CRC
    Bundle Various

  23. SK222-Comp//2xLP Sky Blue Marble vinyl
    SK222//Joe Mcbride & Jack Lever

  24. Cignol-Lost Signals EP Pt 1 10" test pressing

  25. Uf0-Arp better than Line 2x12" Test Pressing

  26. Fast Floor-Yeah Baby 12" Limited Edition Green Vinyl.
    Fast Floor-Yeah Baby

  27. Kreggo-Immaginario EP Tests

  28. Jaffa Kid-Falling through a life EP //Tests
    Jaffa Kid

  29. FTL-Full Metal Junglist EP Green marble wax edition

  30. Bundle //Automatic Tasty Clear/Marble Album/FTL
    Bundle//Automatic Tasty album/FTL ep

  31. Cult 48-Catalog 1 test pressing double album (1 per person)
    Cult 48

  32. Kanyalang-Earthbound EP /Clear vinyl (1 per person)

  33. Birth Compilation 3xLP green vinyl (1 per person)
    Birth Compilation 3xLP

  34. BufoBufo-Metal's Winning EP Green vinyl (1 per person)

  35. DMX KREW-Dread It A Go EP Blue vinyl (1 per person)

  36. John Beltran-The Beltran Love EP/Red vinyl/(1 per person)
    John Beltran

  37. FE Birth Bundle/Coloured editions (1 per person)
    Birth FE Bundle Coloured Editions

  38. Hoovarian Blur-Good Hurt EP //Test pressings
    Hoovarian Blue

  39. Cignol-Altered Sense EP//Test pressing

  40. Touched Electronix 005/ Various Artists 2XLP
    Touched Electronix 005/Various Artists

  41. Karsten Pflum-Nightvision EP Black Stamped copies
    Karsten Pflum

  42. Karsten Pflum-Nightvision EP test pressings
    Karsten Pflum

  43. CRC-Atlantis 93 EP/Promo Copies

  44. Fast Floor-Yeah Baby 12"
    Fast Floor

  45. Kiyoko-Lighthouse EP (Green Marble)

  46. Kiyoko-Lighthouse EP (Silver edition)

  47. Kiyoko-Lighthouse EP Gold limited vinyl

  48. Kiyoko-Lighthouse EP (Magenta Edition)

  49. Karsten Pflum-Nightvision EP (Red Edition)
    Karsten Pflum

  50. Karsten Pflum-Nightvision EP (Green)
    Karsten Pflum

  51. Karsten Pflum-Nightvision EP (Blue Edition)
    Karsten Pflum

  52. Automatic Tasty-You'll Never Work In This Town Again!! Double LP Purple Vinyl Edition
    Automatic Tasty

  53. Acronym-Mind Games EP Transparent Blue Edition

  54. Lausen-Glourius Box Days 2XLP Yellow Vinyl Edition

  55. Obergman-Angular Momentum 2xLP Orange Vinyl Limited Edition

  56. Obergman/Lausen Bundle Limited Coloured Vinyls
    Obergman/Lausen Bundle Limited Edition Coloured Vinyls.

  57. Birth Compilation 3XLP Tests
    Various Artists Compilation "Birth"

  58. Bufo Bufo-Metal's Winning EP tests
    Bufo Bufo

  59. DMX Krew-Dread It A Go EP Tests
    DMX Krew

  60. Kanyalang-Earthbound EP Tests

  61. Furthur Electronix Bundle
    Various Bundle Further Electronix

  62. Corporeal Face-Somewhere Out There EP (1 per person)
    Corporeal Face

  63. Lou Karsh-Phantom Structures 2xLP
    Lou Karsh

  64. Automatic Tasty-You'll Never Work In This Town Again!! (Promo)
    Automatic Tasty

  65. Acronym-Mind Games EP /Promo Copies

  66. Jack Smooth-pH Scales EP/Limited translucent blue edition. 65 Copies only.
    Jack Smooth

  67. Zodiac Childs-Circuits EP (Test pressings)
    Zodiac Childs

  68. Zodiac Childs-Circuits EP (Marble edition)
    Zodiac Childs

  69. Zodiac Childs-Circuits EP (Orange translucent)
    Zodiac Childs

  70. Zodiac Childs-Circuits EP (Light Blue)
    Zodiac Childs

  71. Zodiac Childs-Circuits EP
    Zodiac Childs

  72. Lausen - Glorious Box Days 2x12"

  73. Silverlining x Deep Blue Project -Kermadec Trench EPLimited edition sky blue
    Silverlning x Deep Blue Project - Kermedec Trench EP

  74. Obergman-Angular Momentum 2x12 test pressings

  75. Lobec-5am Nostalgia EP (Green vinyl edition)

  76. Kreggo-New Age 12" Marble Edition
    Kreggo-New Age EP (Marble Edition)

  77. Rolando Simmons-Forced Hypnosis EP (Marble Copies) PRE ORDER ONLY
    Rolando Simmons

  78. Rolando Simmons-Forced Hypnosis EP (Silver Copies) PRE ORDER 1 PER PERSON ONLY
    Rolando Simmons-Forced Hypnosis EP PRE ORDER 1 PER PERSON

  79. Rolando Simmons-Forced Hypnosis EP (Black Copies) PRE ORDER
    Rolando Simmons

  80. Scanone-You Said EP (Marble Edition)

  81. Scanone-You Said EP (Green copies)

  82. Scanone-You Said EP (Black copies)

  83. Corporeal Face-Somewhere Out There EP
    Corporeal Face

  84. Lobec-5 am Nostalgia 12" promo

  85. James Shinra-Orbit EP (Promo copy)
    James Shinra-Orbit EP

  86. Various Artists Furthur Artefacts 12" Red Transparent vinyl
    Various Artists Furthur Artefacts 12" Red Transparent vinyl

  87. Various Artist Furthur Artefacts Crystal clear vinyl (One per person)
    Various Artists/Furthur Artefacts// Clear transparent vinyl/One per person

  88. Various Artists Furthur Artefacts 12" Marble Edition |One per person
    Various Artists Furthur Artefacts 12" Marble edition

  89. Furthur Artefacts EP
    Various Artists

  90. Furthur Journeys Into Electronix 2 (Pre Order)
    Various Artists

  91. Brainwaltzera-Alepoch EP

  92. James Shinra-Orbit EP
    James Shinra

  93. Thee J Johanz-Xtensions 3x12" Limited Edition Red Transparent Vinyl
    Thee J Johanz

  94. Altered State EP

  95. excursions 1017 EP (Lime transparent)
    torriko-excursions 1017 EP

  96. excursions 1017 EP (Yellow Transparent)

  97. Touched Electronix 003 (Promos)
    Various-Touched Electronix 003

  98. City Of Thieves EP (Green vinyl)
    Karsten Pflum

  99. City Of Thieves EP (Black vinyl)
    Karsten Pflum

  100. English Beach EP (Orange vinyl)

  101. English Beach EP (Black vinyl)

  102. D'Arcangelo-Dusted EP

  103. Low Tape-New Horizons 12" (Promo)

  104. 4 Tabs EP
    The Kosmik Kommando

  105. Bewplum

  106. Tim Jackiw ‎– Endless Cycles EP
    Tim Jackiw

  107. The Observable Universe EP

  108. Lila Dreams EP

  109. Elements EP

  110. Synthe Sound EP


Furthur Electronix Brighton, UK

Furthur Electronix is a label that will put out good quality electronic music, in the forms of Techno, Deep house, IDM, Electro and Acid. With the help of Majkel from Stockholm on the graphics, we want to create excellent design along with the sound. We will press enough for the collectors and DJs to play these records worldwide. ... more

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